Formcake - A Backend Form API

🍰 Formcake was made to solve a simple but common problem: You have a contact form, lead page, or survey, but you don’t want to spin up an entire server just to field that one form’s submissions. Enter Formcake - you sign up, create a form, and get an endpoint that looks like<YOUR_FORM_ID/submissions that you can put into your <form> tag’s action endpoint. You can then configure success and error redirects if you want them, or just have the user stay on the current page - or you can incorporate an AJAX call to submit the form and display your own success / error message.
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Adding a Loading Icon in Nuxt

Today I’m going to discuss implementing a loading icon like you see in a lot of SPAs within the context of a Nuxt project I’m working on - Form Cast, a simple form backend-as-a-service. The Icon My project at the moment is pretty spartanly designed, with a plain white background. For my loading icon, I wanted something with a flash of both activity and color. After surfing around, I decided on this (it’s technically a typing activity icon, but who cares).
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Comparing Integrations in the Form Market

The form market is huge. Everyone wants to make drag-n-drop, marketing and growth hacker-friendly forms that can do everything from lead capture to payment processing. And so naturally, I asked … maybe there’s room for me? But seriously, with a lot you get less-than-stellar design, clunky widgets, and unwieldy WYSIWYGs. That’s why a few friends and I decided to dream up an MVP based on making the Stripe or Slack of form companies - something that works hard through efficient UX to reduce cognitive load and just be easier at all the things, generally.
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