Formcake - A Backend Form API

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🍰 Formcake was made to solve a simple but common problem: You have a contact form, lead page, or survey, but you don’t want to spin up an entire server just to field that one form’s submissions.

Enter Formcake - you sign up, create a form, and get an endpoint that looks like<YOUR_FORM_ID/submissions that you can put into your <form> tag’s action endpoint.

You can then configure success and error redirects if you want them, or just have the user stay on the current page - or you can incorporate an AJAX call to submit the form and display your own success / error message.

Once it receives a submission, Formcake can trigger an email notification or custom webhook or Zapier integration to coordinate with the rest of your workflow - email your sales team about a new lead, send a slack message to a user researcher about a completed survey, or something else - or just store it for later.

We’re not out just quite yet, but if it sounds interesting we’d love interested potential users to sign up on our landing page where we’ll be posting updates and exclusive invites to our closed beta.

Hope to see you there!