Comparing Integrations in the Form Market

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The form market is huge. Everyone wants to make drag-n-drop, marketing and growth hacker-friendly forms that can do everything from lead capture to payment processing.

And so naturally, I asked … maybe there’s room for me?

But seriously, with a lot you get less-than-stellar design, clunky widgets, and unwieldy WYSIWYGs. That’s why a few friends and I decided to dream up an MVP based on making the Stripe or Slack of form companies - something that works hard through efficient UX to reduce cognitive load and just be easier at all the things, generally. Don’t try to create another form builder for marketers - instead make a detatched backend that anyone who knows their way around a form tag can slice into their markup.

And to do so I thought I’d perform a little side-by-side comparison of integrations - one of the bread-and-butter features each service invariably offers.

What stands out? Three in particular - ones with clear majority adoption.


It’s obvious why Zapier is such a prime integration target - it unlocks an entire marketplace of possibilities, and lets you write an endless array of blog posts flavored along the lines of “Do X with Y (on Zapier).”


If Zapier unlocks an entire marketplace, webhooks unlock basically everything that can be expressed through a web-accessible API (so, everything). Webhooks are an important component to any API interactivity, and a prequisite for any inclusion in automated workflows.


Good ‘ol email. Everyone has it, everyone can use it. It can include rich text, images, links, as well as entire file attachments, be read by a number of clients, potentially be encrypted - in other words, it’s incredibly versatile. No surprise everyone wants to support it.

Those three. Once you stray beyond them it’s difficult to find consist picks for worthy integrations. You get everything from incredibly niche CRMs like Nutshell to popular but still-not-slam-dunks like Salesforce.

Feature Set

In our case, there’s a clear takeaway - we know our core three. This gives us a good overview of the market - that we’ll keep expanding - and a potential roadmap to future adoption when that becomes a development priority.

For the MVP though, these do seem like the absolute floor. Check back in the coming weeks for more developments on the budding form empire!

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