Senior Developer Koans

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“We need to integrate with a SOAP API that’s been deprecated for 3 years” said the Engineering Manager. And the Developer wept.

A Senior Developer wanted to choose the best Node framework for his project, so he asked the Master. “Deno” said the Master.

“Teacher” asked the Junior Developer, “Why doesn’t my feature work in Firefox?” “All features work in Firefox” replied the Senior Dev, “from a certain point of view.”

“Can I attend the React conference?” asked the Senior Dev. “Is it remote?” asked the Engineering Manager. “Remote is the on-site of the mind” replied the Senior Dev.

“Elixir is the best language” said the Junior Dev. “You have much to learn about typing” said the Senior Dev.

“Create a serverless app with a robust local testing solution” said the Master. The Senior Dev could not.

A recruiter called a Developer. The line was busy.

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