1-Minute Markdown

What’s Markdown? Markdown is punctuation for the web. It enables authors to easily write documents that feature common online staples like links, images, as well as italicized, bold, and other types of rich text, using a simple, lightweight set of symbols that can easily be converted to HTML, doc, pdf, or rtf files. Since markdown files are just plain text, they’re an ultra-portable way to write web-compatible content without the mess of a WYSWIG editor or proprietary file types.
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An Event Loop Allegory

Two jugglers walked around a small track, practicing their craft. The first one, Sync, wasn’t really what you’d call a juggler, so much as an apprentice juggler or (less charitably) a juggler-wannabe - a straight up ball tossin’ poseur. Sync could only keep one ball in the air at a time. In fact, he only owned one ball. As he traced the circle of the track with his steps, his bouncy red ball would draw a series of parabolas in the air, tracing a gentle up-and-down curve following his path.
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