Building a Python 3.6 Seed App with Docker, Tox, and Pylint

Seed apps are great. They can be the test-bed for new devops features, mini onboarding exercises, or just “batteries-included” starter kits for greenfield applications. Especially in the web application (and Python) world, almost everything comes with extra considerations - testing, linting, containerization - wouldn’t it be great if we could make a Python seed that came with all of that baked in? What a beautiful, productive world that would be (skip straight to the github repo to go there now).
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A Brief Illustration of Functional Programming

Functional Programming is a powerful programming paradigm that tries to reduce bugs and make it easier to reason about an application by avoiding state changes and the mutation of global values, generally. In software coded using functional programming patterns, all functions can be understood by the arguments passed to them as parameters. There is no reliance on the instance variables of the class (like in Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) patterns) or some other state-dependent variable modified through assignment in runtime by the source code (like in Imperative Programming).
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