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A few days ago, David Broadlick and I launched Jobletter into beta, as a way for developers at the beginning of their careers to get a concentrated dose of high-quality jobs targeting their skillset and experience level.

Right now we’re still building out some of our customization features: We’d like to add location and specific skill targeting, more customized sending schedules, and more content options, but we’re excited to start sharing a service very much borne out of our own experiences.

Entry-level Position - 5 years experience required.

There are a few reasons we built Jobletter.

Job boards are a lot of noise for the signal. Companies typically don’t advertise for junior positions that much, because junior developers are readily available through referrals and other sources. But if you need an entry-level position, you’ll be wading through a lot of “Senior Cloud Architect” roles and other titles that won’t be useful to you.

Bite-size is the right size. Pouring over a job search engine for hours on end isn’t the best use of your job search time - learning new skills, building new projects, launching side businesses, and working your professional network are all critical to landing your first position, and would probably be better investments of your effort. Jobletter emails give you a few high-quality job postings without subjecting you to a productivity-killing skinner box.

Email still rules. It doesn’t require a special channel or platform, it rivals the spreadsheet for all-time productivity, everyone has it - email is a great way to communicate when there’s not a need for the intimacy or immediacy of texting or talking.

Jobletter is still in its early days, but if any of this sounds appealing head over to the site to be among the first to start receiving job listing emails.

No experience necessary.